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Double Shot  

70/30 Sativa 


Whether you’re looking to start your day, or kick-start your evening, Double Shot has you covered with a burst of creative energy that’s sure to have you feeling ready for anything. From Jinx Proof genetics, Double Shot is a sativa dominant hybrid that hits you in the face with an unmistakably diesel aroma that cascades into fruity notes of melon on the finish. Take a Double Shot of life with this strain that may just be the feeling you’ve been searching for.

Critical Plus

60/40 Sativa


Critical Plus is a cross between Big Bud and Skunk. Hints of citrus are paired with that classic skunk smell to give this strain a unique lemon-lime flavor and aroma. The effects of Critical Plus skew toward a creative and energizing feeling that's perfect for an engaging conversation, a night out on the town, or some well deserved downtime.


Gorilla Glue 

60/40 Indica


A popular strain for a reason, this potent beast of a strain is a cross between Chocolate Diesel and Sour Diesel. Cannabis connoisseurs like this strain for it's reliably relaxing effect, perfectly calibrated for your next streaming binge or helping you fall asleep fast in higher doses. Known for that sour flavor and smell, you'll know it's Gorilla Glue as soon as it's aroma hits your nose. 


60/40 Sativa


This 1996 Cannabis Cup winner has stuck around for a reason, it's fans tend to stay fans for life. A cross between Purple Thai and Afghani Indica, it's known for a sweet and sour smell and a level of mental clarity sativa lovers know and appreciate. Often said to have a subtle mint flavor, you can be sure your time with Flo will taste as good as it feels. 


Gold Leaf 

60/40 Indica

Gold Leaf – With notes of earthy pines and sugary-sour lemons, this slightly Indica-dominant strain will leave your palette feeling as pleased as your mood.  Although this strain’s exact origins continue to be a closely-held secret by its breeder Robert Bergman, its effects are less mysterious: known for an immediate wave of euphoria and relaxation, Gold Leaf is the perfect strain to combat stress and tension. Sit back…relax…and let Gold Leaf lift you up to the clouds.


50/50 Hybrid


Skywalker – A cross between Mazar and Blueberry, this strain is known for its fruity yet earthy flavor and aromatic profile.  Skywalker can be a powerful combatant against anxiety and insomnia; additionally, it’s often described as being effective against aches and pains. Fans of Skywalker enjoy its reliably relaxed vibe that stays on the mellow side of THC content. 


Chem OG 

70/30 Sativa


Chem OG – Another solid entry from Ethos Genetics, Chem OG is a cross between the Chemdawg and OG Kush strains. It tends to produce a massive rush of energy and euphoria that leaves its patients feeling creative and uplifted. Chem OG features that classic diesel aroma that promises a powerful smoke to wash away your anxiety and leave you feeling replenished and ready for the day. Earthy flavors of wood and pine give way to the subtle sweetness of chamomile before you’re taken away to a state of carefree elation. Definitely give this one a try!

Banana Hammock

70/30 Indica


Banana Hammock – The child of Grape God and Mandarin Sunset, Banana Hammock is an intensely fruity and sugary strain bred by Ethos Genetics out of Colorado.  This rare strain will overwhelm your senses with a banana-oriented bouquet, followed by a notable presence of honey and grape. Banana Hammock is a potent strain meant to lay your negative thoughts to rest while giving your body a heightened sense of calm and relaxation. The perfect mind and body adjustment to embrace a beautiful day…just what the doctor ordered. 


Super Skunk

65/35 Indica


Super Skunk – A heavy-hitting Indica, Super Skunk is known first and foremost for its unique aroma that brings to mind skunky-sweet cheese with a backdrop of citrus. The product of a cross between Skunk #1 and Afghani Indica, Super Skunk has commonly been known to be effective in helping with insomnia and loss of appetite, delivering a pleasant body relaxation paired with a euphoria-tinged demeanor that will leave you feeling truly at ease. The perfect strain for the end of a long day. Enjoy a super chill moment with Super Skunk.

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